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Foot Care For Hikers

Foot Care For Hikers

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Information, articles, images and illustrations on common foot problems, along with tips for treatment and prevention.

Thank you On Foot for a wonderful holiday. We thoroughly enjoyed our Amalfi coast walking holiday. While the walks looked daunting in the beautiful mountainous area

Joe’s Shoe Service performs quality shoe repairs and has a large supply of shoe care products. Located in Manchester, Connecticut, he’s been serving the Greater

Tips for hikers for choosing the correct pair of boots and socks and avoiding common foot and ankle injuries

Clip Your Toenails. One overlooked but absolutely crucial piece of advice for hiking foot care is to clip your toenails before heading out. If they’re too long

Decidedly urban couple attempts to backpack their way through Asia. They meet Buddha, drink baijiu, drive rickshaws, and learn to master the squat toilet.

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Neat Feat make a range of Foot Care products, with Orthotics, Insoles, Foot Odor Remedies, Face and Hand Antiperspirants and 3B Action Cream for chafing

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The summer home of the Phillips, who provided the original land for the ranch. The 28,400-square-foot, Spanish Mediterranean style house is now a museum.

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A core item in my backpacking first aid kit and foot care kit is Leukotape P, a non-elastic strapping tape. I most often use it for hot spots, blisters, and other

A list of the official bloggers for the Appalachian Trials blog. These brave thru-hikers will be sharing their journeys with the world.

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